Cassie Sollars - Pilgrimages pave the way

Journeying by foot toward a spiritual destination offers opportunities to find purpose in life

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Thank you for a thoughtful article on this movie and for sharing your own experiences related to pilgrimages. Like you, I have never been on a formal pilgrimage, but I find peace and solace in the Cascade Mountains.

My family came to Oregon via the Oregon Trail and I feel a connection to them and a connection to history in a way that I would expect a pilgrim to experience. When I visit Mt. Hood and pass the signposts indicating the route of the Barlow Trail, I try to imagine what feelings of awe and perhaps fear my ancestors must have experienced upon first seeing this wild and wonderful place that we now call home.

In addition to thoughtful, your article is also timely. First Baptist Church (125 SE Cowls), the faith community that I am a part of in McMinnville, is screening the movie "The Way" on Saturday, March 10th from 6:30-9:00pm. The movie will be followed with a panel discussion on themes from the movie. All are welcome and childcare is provided.

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