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Cassie Sollars - Feeding the wolves: Learning lessons in life and politics

Where are you getting food for the wolf: from the Aisle of Peace and Love, or the Bile of Discontent?

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I will go deeper. I think in America were are taught certain beliefs and we are never taught to challenge those beliefs. This is why:

The current system doesn't work and what do people do? Keep repeating the same thing by putting the same people in charge.

Here are a few facts that stand out during this election year.

The United States spends more money on healthcare, yet has the last life expectancy of all developed democracies. We spend the most on crime and justice and once again we are last. We spend the most money on elections and giving to poltical parties. AND.. We have the least amount of choice equally financed. Most Countries have 4, Belgium has 7. Education we spend the most (at least we aren't last) we are in ther middle. The one thing we do well.. Spend, Consume.. We do it so well that we can't afford it. Heck even our military budget is equal to the next 17 countries combined. but on a personal note this is why 10% of the population has 80% of the assets, why 90% has only 20%. They spend most of their money paying interest on things they charge (consume) Which brings me to my next point,. We are also first in wealth inequality and this means we have the least amount of social economic mobility of all developed democracies as well.

America in all true forms is Narcisstic in nature and until we challenge the belief around tbhose cognitive distortions nothing will improve.

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