By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Carlton paying for cleanup resulting from theft

Someone broke into the city shops, adjacent to Wennerberg Park, in late October and siphoned gasoline from a tank. The thief or thieves left the siphon hose on the ground, causing an unknown quantity of gas to spill onto the ground and seep under the wastewater treatment testing lab.

Although the theft and leak were discovered quickly, the DEQ notified and cleanup started, mitigation is continuing, City Manager Chad Olsen said. The site will need to be monitored for several months.

And the total cost could end up in the $70,000 range, Olsen said. The city’s insurance will cover $25,000, leaving the city with the bulk of the bill.

City council members approved about $33,000 for the project at their January meeting last week. That covered the final materials — including carbon and microorganisms to absorb and destroy any remaining fuel — which were expected to be added to the site Thursday or today.

Olsen said the incident caused no problems in Wennerberg Park, a popular spot for sports activities, dog walking and disc golf. The cleanup efforts ensured that gasoline did not reach the North Yamhill River, which borders both the park and the city shops site.

The theft that caused the spill occurred Oct. 24, two days after the city’s gasoline tank had been filled. Olsen said at first, city workers thought the thief or thieves had taken all the fuel. After they smelled gas inside the lab, they realized an unknown amount of gas was taken and the rest ended up on the ground.

The city’s insurance company quickly brought in a contractor, BB&A Environmental, to vent the building, take readings and begin mitigation.

Police said the theft remains under investigation.

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