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Car clout thwarted by Sheridan man

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This should be interesting in court. I certainly wouldn't take a plea deal in this case. First of all, for a citzen arrest, one usually needs to say it in a presence of someone else (often an officer). Second is you would need to establish unlawful entry vs breaking and entering (which could be questioned) in a court room setting because it appears nothing was stolen.

The real question becomes what kind of defense is she going to have - A real defense or a half - defense we often see from many public defenders out there?

Troy Prouty*

Michael Tubbs Sr

"....for a citizen arrest, one usually needs to say it in the presence of someone else (often an arresting officer)."

I'd once made a citizen arrest, I'd arrested a 'pedophile' but hadn't said the words in the presence of another adult. I'd forcefully taken the pedophile to a location that had a payphone (a 'Stop & Go' market, they're similar to a 'Circle K') to make my 911 call from.

If the 5 year old the guy had been teaching how to masterbate hadn't been present when I'd snatched him from the entryway of his home, he'd have in all probablity recieved a severe beating. The cops that took him into custody (arrested him) were going to arrest me as well for taking him against his will from his home.

Thankfully a Sargent showed up on the scene, listened to what I'd had to say, agreed with my handing of the matter and that was that. Be careful.

Concerned Citizen

I also live in Sheridan. The last time I called 911, it took Yamhill county deputies 39 minutes to arrive from McMinnville.

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