By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Cape re-elected Amity mayor

AMITY —Voters have re-elected Michael Cape to a second four-year term as mayor.

He said he believes citizens returned him to office because positive things are happening in the city, and not solely because he was the incumbent.

“People have seen the positive changes and they feel good about that,” he said.

Cape received 262 votes, or 52.8 percent, in final but still unofficial returns. Rudy van Soolen polled 129 or 26.0 percent and Sharon Haggith 105 or 21.2 percent.

Cape has lived in Amity for 10 years. He drives a school bus and substitutes in the private Santiam Christian school system, north of Corvallis at Adair Village, and owns Abigail’s Barbeque and Catering.

He served on the city council before being approved to serve out the remainder of Bob Wiro’s term of mayor when Wiro resigned in 2006. He was elected to a full four-year term in 2008.

Van Soolen currently sits on the city council. His position 5 term expires at the end of this year.

Caralyn Miller ran unopposed for a seat being given up by Katherine King, and Cape said she will be a good addition to the council. No one filed for a seat held by Karen Dahl.

Cape said his goals are to spearhead continued improvement downtown and resolve a dispute with the fire district so the city can take possession of the old fire station and turn it into a community center

A citywide facelift that began at the south end of town several years ago with the addition of new sidewalks and improved lighting has continued to the north. Fifth Street to the west and Nursery Street to the east are high priority areas, too, especially when it comes to improved pedestrian access.

The city has filed suit against the fire district in Yamhill County Circuit Court. The complaint demands the district vacate the fire station quarters it shares with city hall, pay back rent for 18 months of continued occupation and reimburse $61,927.58 the city paid the Yamhill Communications Agency on its behalf for 911 dispatch services.

“We want to get this issue resolved so we can gain possession of the building,” Cape said. “Community Development Block Grants provide funds for community centers,” he said. “The biggest components of receiving a grant are having a building to convert and the property. Taking possession of the building would be huge for us.”

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