By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Campus increasingly overgrown

Several of the former Evergreen International Aviation properties out by the airport on Highway 18 have become unkempt enough to violate the city 's tall grass ordinance.

And they aren't alone, according to Kathy Holm, who works in code enforcement for the McMinnville Police Department. She said notices have been mailed to about 20 property owners around the city in all.

Evergreen and several of its subsidiaries are in the process of dissolution through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, so the Evergreen notice has been sent to the court-appointed trustee in Delaware. If timely action isn't taken, the city will have the grass cut and the responsible parties billed for the work.




The city should make Del Smith get out there and personally mow all the properties.


Dell Smith provided paychecks for an awful lot of people for a very long time. I'm saddened by the fall of Evergreen. It was a part of our community for decades.


Regardless of what has happen, Mr. Smith should be accountable for his properties until the end. There were times when I worked there that the his own employee's checks weren't any good at the banks. Other times they had to wait 2 more weeks to get paid. The accounting office never paid their bills on-time, always shuffling into other accounts.

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