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California man charged in Sheridan murder

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Im curious as to why this man was at the property?


Hired through Craigslist to serve as a live-in handyman. Was occupying one of the out-buildings while doing odd jobs around the place. And if I had a nickel for every time Craigslist was linked to criminal activity in some way, I'd be a rich man.
Steve Bagwell, Managing Editor


If I had a nickel for every time Sheridan and Willamina and Lafayette were linked to violent crime and sex crimes, I would be a rich man. These comments sound similar to the tortured logic that these people were not from Yamhill County, as if this is the end of the thought process. Less than it is Craig's List, it is the use of it that can be dangerous. It is obviously a bad way to transact most business unless you use common sense and a little care.

Michael Tubbs Sr

And f I had just a tenth of a cent for every time Portland was linked to violent crime or sex crimes, I'd be vastly more wealthy.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I know, the logic seems tortured, but it's not really if you do the math.

Just saying...

just look at the guy, he looks kinda creepy, i know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but this guy looks like a low-life, i would not want him around my property without doing a thorough background check and references ---- well, i would do that no matter what the person looked like though.


If this character ever showed up at my door step, i would not even open the door!
"should not judge a book by its cover", maybe we should rethink that philosophy judging by the result. i dont know maybe its just me but its getting harder to trust people these days. i think i'm going to install a retina scanner right at my door, if u want to come in you have to pass the test first, haha.


yea this guy is creepy looking, drug user perhaps. would definetley not turn my back around him!

Live and let Live

Creepy is an understatement --- I'm glad they caught him, he must not have been too smart, hanging out at the victim's house after he murdered him - I hope he's locked away for a very long time.

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