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Butcher raises $15,000 through Kickstarter

The butcher shop is one of several businesses going into the former Saturday Market quarters in the Granary District. The new development is being anchored by the Grain Station Brew Works.

Backers were allowed to pledge anything from $5, earning a card of thanks, to $1,250 or more, qualifying for a private, 10-course after-hours dinner in the shop, along with a T-shirt and bumper sticker, tickets to a Kickstarter party and admission to a class in meat cuts.

The shop received the most pledges, 26, at the $25 level. That qualified for a bumper sticker and card of thanks.

Kyle Chriestenson, who is starting the new venture in partnership with Amanda Perron, was pleased. “It’s a huge help in starting a business,” he said.

In exchange for a 5 percent fee, Kickstarter provides a variety of ways entrepreneurs can solicit pledges for new ventures. But it only collects if its client collects, and that only happens if the stated fundraising goal is reached.

Founded in New York City in 2009, it can be accessed at Chriestenson learned of it from a friend on the East Coast and thought there would be no harm in giving it a try.

He posted his business plan, calling for development of a shop carrying high-quality, locally sourced meats. He listed the risks and challenges, including the potential spoilage rate for less popular cuts, which he plans to address by transforming scraps and cuts going unsold into a line of high-end sausages.

Chriestenson said the campaign got off to a fast start, stalled for a time, they took off again at the end. He said half of the pledges came in during the last 24 hours.

He plans to use the money to purchase a band saw, add a display refrigeration case and acquire a quality sausage stuffer. He hopes to open later this month.

One interesting feature will be a viewing area enabling customers and their children watch him go about tasks like stuffing sausage.

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