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Businessman sparks pot shop discussion with county

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If it's truly medicine, then it should be dispensed through a legitimate pharmacy. It makes much more sense to put our energies toward making changes in federal legislation, so these places don't have to exist in violation of federal law, albeit unenforced at the moment.
I've lived near a pot club and have taken a look at several more - with street names and art on the product labels, and with the customers lined up who look like something out of a Cheech and Chong movie, these places really tell on themselves: a dispensary is clearly no CVS or Walgreens, but an end-around by and for potheads. Only a few of the "customers" obtain pot for the right reason, like my sister who lost her life to cancer. In reality, too few of the customers have legitimate medical needs. The honest ones will giggle about how they got their card. The prescription process is a joke.
Dispensaries can bring crime, like this recent example of a robbery and shooting: What is the panel's plan for security?
A dispensary or club in violation of federal law is not the answer. Medicinal marijuana, if legit, should only be prescribed through a traditionally licensed FDA approved pharmacy. Keep these dispensaries far away from our community. If you want to make it legal for recreational use, then make it legal (again at the federal level), but quit this less-than-legitimate OMMP charade.


I agree. The real problem is how much government has turned a plant into a total debacle. Elected officials have little faith in the people that put them in their seat to be able to manage themselves. They lump people into demographics based on oppressive stereotypes. Like "something out of a Cheech and Chong movie."
GOVERNment seems a restrictive entity. The definition of govern, has control and restrict in it's definition. HMMM...
I would hope my state elected officials would defend a persons RIGHT with equal vigor to have a dispensary as much as they would defend the gun rights of Oregonians. Especially law enforcement. I have no problem with democracy. By the people, for the people.
I would like to know that a county sheriff would defend my pot smoking FRIENDS the same as my FRIENDS who don't smoke pot.
I don't want to regurgitate pot history here but if this whole thing doesn't revolve around money and revenue, WOW.
Somebody asked me if the should tax pot. I responded, I guess, they tax everything else. He responded, " Well I don't because the government is the biggest addict of them all." So true...
So in my mind, It is what it is. Next stop, legalization and all you people using the "But quit this less-than-legitimate OMMP charade" card, will need to pull a new one from your deck.

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