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Bordeaux challenges incumbent Roberts in Mac School District

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Don Dix

If a school board member is also receiving a paycheck from the district ( even as a substitute), does that not constitute a conflict of interest (being in a position of administration as well as an employee)? I believe it does.

It will be interesting 'who' comes to the support of Mr. Bordeaux, as well as revealing the real reason behind his candidacy.

E.J. Farrar

I'm curious to know what you think the "real reason" might be. Is the new standard now that no elected official shall have the whiff of any financial connection to anything they may vote on? That should send some of our elected officials scrambling.

Don Dix


You wrote, "I'm curious to know what you think the "real reason" might be."

I don't think it will be too long before that question is answered. Only a matter of time.

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