By Nathalie Hardy • Columnist • 

BOLI dismisses case; others withdrawn

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and in court it may not be all about discrimination, it can go into another direction for example "work environment" not necessarily discrimination, but possibly hostile etc..etc.. which could lead to compensation.

Sometimes (many actually) complaints to dept of labor is a stepping stone to what is on the horizon (lawsuit). We especially see this is sexual harrassment cases.



So BOLI notified the County on Friday, and the County notified the newspaper.....while the complaintants were not notified by BOLI at all? I smell something fishy. When is the public going to stand up and take notice??!!! Come on. Anyone can see that something unsettling is happening when ADA, gender and age discriminations are being ignored and allowed to continue. What are our commissioners doing about this? Does no one have control down there? Oh yeah...the taxpayers do. Where are we...why are WE allowing this?

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