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Biological mother, detective, paramedics take stand on day two

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Well after they figure out what to do with this child that has killed a child,they need to charge both these parents with manslaughter this outcome is their burden,YOU DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN TO BABYSIT BABIES PERIOD.If the only babysitter you can find is a 12 year old get yourself fixed you should not have kids,and what was so damned important that no adult was around to care for these babies?As i recall from the original news cast this 12 year old was left alone with these 2 babies to babysit.


Oh my goodness, seeker59.. I coundn't agree with you more! Devistating in every sense of the word!


I agree with you both. There should be charges or DHS involvement in this case, at the very least. This haunts me - poor little baby boy, and his poor brother.


Curious what the psychological toll will be on the child. Will he remain unaffected, or as his brain develops and he reaches adulthood, will he suffer from the affects of this terrible case? Will his record be expunged as he reaches adult hood so he will be able to enter higher-education and jobs without the stigma of what happened? Will he be placed in the foster system as it seems apparent that with his mother being incarcerated and his father making such poor decisions, he is not in the best of hands? Who is looking out for this child?


Manup, did I miss something? I never read anywhere that the mother was incarcerated - it is the STEP-FATHER who is in jail and who was living at the home with all of them at the time, the mother is caring for the younger kids and the boy who killed the baby is staying with his biological father who was not involved in the incident.

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