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Bicycle recycling goes 'round

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What a great idea to donate back to the community especially bikes! Most children want bikes when they are young and giving these refurbished bikes to needy children is a wonderful cause.

Dean Williams is to be applauded for his efforts in fixing all the bikes. He truly has a heart of gold. Thank you for caring Mr. Williams!


how do i look at these bikes i have had two stolen bikes and maybe they are there, i did not know they had bikes in storage

Michael Tubbs Sr

When I was a kid you could register your bike with the local police department, and for a small fee would be issued a license plate, to use as an additional 'festoon' for your buddies to admire.

That way should your bike ever find it's way into the PD's property inventory, you'd be contacted and informed of such.


I have purchased 3 cruiser bikes from Tommy's and all 3 were taken to the Police station to be licensed. You fill out your information, show them your identification and I usually show them my sales receipts, they look over the bike for the model and type, they collect the fee which last year I believe was $4.00, I then get my silver license sticker. The station will request that I place the sticker in an area that the weather does not get to it easily. I'm not as young as I use to be, the only difficulty has been in carting my "beasts" up the station's stairs. But when I'm on a mission I do what I need to do. I love my bikes, what Mr. Williams and the Amity High School students are doing is remarkable and wonderful. That is what I call compassionate giving.

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