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Beloved pet was fat cat of Tangent

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I absolutely love stories about animals, especially cats. My pets have been more
dependable than most of my family or friends. They are always happy to see me, make me laugh and keep my feet warm. Thanks for sharing the story. I plan on leaving my assets to my pets also, but hope to set it up with someone with nothing to gain.


My goodness, that was quite a "tail". That was a very good story Mr. John, a very good story, I enjoyed it right to Kitty Kat's end. Thank you.


Ha, I always muse at the amounts of money people leave pets. I think if I were in the position I would choose a family deserving of such a gift and bestow it upon them if they were willing to care for my beloved pet after my passing. Killing two birds with one stone as well as the knowledge that you are bettering the life of at least one family- it is amazing what $5000 can do for my family, let alone $70,000. It would mean paying down student debt, covering closing costs on our first home which would allow us to spend less monthly than what we are in rent ($1000/mo vs. $700/mo apprx.), it would allow for money to go towards my children's college fund so they don't have to drown in debt like me, it could go towards R&W courses for my fiance as he had sever schooling set backs due to medical issues as a child, possibly surgery to better his vision from glaucoma, new (used) cars as our two are on their last legs literally, the list goes on and this is only one family!
A great story indeed, something for all to think about.

Michael Tubbs Sr

It takes our Mimzy's posterior roughly about a year to burn through a 40lb. sack of Farm Cat.Then of course there's always her electric blankie and the cost to keep it running when she isn't, as well as the cost of the perimeter defense systems for our bird feeder's when she is.Then there's the actual day to day upkeep/living expenses for her personal fitness trainer, she's a dachshund, and her name is....sweetie! The list goes on and this is only one Cat!

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