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Beloved dog attacked, killed at McMinnville Dog Park

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I think the dog park is a fantastic thing for McMinnville. I, however have yorkies and the thought of taking them there has never even crossed my mind. It's still hard for me to understand why there aren't 2 sections to the park. I feel horrible for both dog owners since I too have had one of my dogs attacked and killed unprovoked and it's sickening.


I'm so sorry to hear of a dog being killed at the park.
We take our dog there quite a bit, and it is a wonderful place for him.
BTW, there ARE two sections of the park, a lower one with wood chips, and an upper area with grass.
There is also a small area for shy, timid, and small dogs, I believe.

On The Island

Just wanted to confirm that there are indeed 3 sections at the dog park...
1) the main area
2) the summer area (a gated, grassy area accessed through the main area),
3) the small/timid dog area accessed through a separate gate at the main entrance.

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Condolences and best wishes to everyone affected by this sad event...


Very sad news! Thoughts are with both owners at this difficult time.

As for the dog park, not super fond of it. It is far too small for the number of dogs there are in the town. I went there for the first year that it was open and saw more dog fights than i've seen in all of the other dog parks i've been to combined. Park is too small and confining!

News Register...why did you not post the attacking dog's breed in the headline? A few weeks ago when a pit bull attacked another dog, that was the headline...loud and clear!! Discrimination? Shame on you!!!

Michael Tubbs Sr

Hungarian Vizsla, medium sized pointer, bird dog waterfowl/upland game, household companion and family dog. (source:Wikipedia)


I think it's a very sad and tragic thing but a memorial??? Seems a bit wierd to me to have a memorial for a dog when we often don't do the same even for humans (like homeless people who pass away) but whatever helps the owner find closure I guess


Yeah, let's take a 65 lb mixed breed intact male with three other large dogs to a dog park. Nothing bad will happen, right?? If somebody can have 4 large dogs they should have plenty of room for them on their own property.


DM...the same could be said for someone who has 4 children. They should have enough yard and play equipment for their children in their own yards yet there are parks aplenty for kids. Dog owners pay taxes just like parents do, actually more because thre aren't any tax write offs for dogs. Dog-owning taxpayers deserve public play areas as much as parents do. We just all need to be responsible for how we raise our dependents and take responsibility for our dog's AND our children's actions.


You can comfortably have 4 children and live in an apartment and absolutely need to utilize our parks to 'get out of the house' but you'd be hard pressed to find an apartment or small rental where you can have 4 large, mixed breed dogs.

You're absolutely right on being responsible for the actions of our children and pets. I personally don't think bringing a mixed breed, intact male to a dog park is a good idea. Unless you're a breeder there's no reason to not be a responsible dog owner and get your animal fixed.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Just a thought, only my opinion, but I think one person taking four large dogs (at the same time, mixed breed or otherwise) to a public dog park is stretching ones limits of control.


i wouldn't mind borrowing those 4 dogs one of these days to scare off all the darn cats that are in my neighborhood and in my yard - yuck

Michael Tubbs Sr

Not all dogs chase cats, Zen, neither of our two medium/large dogs could care less about them.


Completely agree with you DM that many more dogs should be fixed! Some "breeders" shouldn't be breeding as there are so many dogs in shelters that need homes!

Also agree that kids should be able to comforatbly play in their own yards even if it's an apartment complex yard. What I saw more often than anything in my old neighborhood in Mac were kids playing in the street where they became a danger to vehicles and to themselves.

And...the reason you can't have 4 dogs in an apartment is that it's okay to discriminate against those who have dogs, not okay to discriminate against someone who has kids...both of which are a CHOICE to have. If you choose to have either, you need to be able to provide for them and be responsible for their actions.

Regardless of all of's a very, very sad happening and my thoughts go out to both dog owners!

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