Beavers and Ducks should agree on this

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Don Dix

Cover Oregon is just one of many costly (to taxpayers) mistakes made by Oregon officials.
The DMV spent $75M plus on a computer system that didn't work and had to be abandoned.
The BETC handed out millions in tax credits using questionable qualifications, hence, a drop in tax liability to those who bought them up -- Costco, Walmart, Nike, etc.
A few years ago the federal government gave Oregon a stimulus for infrastructure repairs -- and Oregon spent that money paving streets and roads. Except, in many cases, those repairs were not necessarily performed on byways that actually needed any attention. Locally, Baker Creek Road, 19th St., Fellows, and really, Linfield Avenue! My street was torn up and replaced for no apparent reason. Spending just to spend!

Oregon financial liabilities will overtake it's income at some point -- then who will pay these foolish bills? One can only rob Peter (taxpayers) for Paul's (recipients of Oregon's giveaways) benefit until Peter's pockets go dry. Where then does Paul go for his free lunch?

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