By Molly • 

Barbecue outfit to open Monday in McMinnville

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RIGHT ON!!!!!! That's what this town needed! Gotta get me some BBQ!!!


I'll give it a shot, but wow, $23 for a slab of ribs?


Wes is a really neat guy! I hope the best for him. I hope he develops his own line of sauces like the other companies do. Nothing better than trying new sauces!


I tried it last night and it has some good BBQ basics could use more items but JMO. The prices were kinda spendy for the quality of food I thought. 6.95 for a small baked potato is a bit crazy. The corn bread was yummy and the sauce good, my ribs were burnt. They were out of items as well. The people are really friendly and I would probably try it again if I wasnt in the mood to leave town.

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