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Bail in pot case hiked to $350,000

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Too bad people couldn't simply grow hemp outdoors like grapes. Love that drug war.


Great job! That's $500,000 worth of sorrow, heartache, destruction, and waste you saved someone's child, brother, sister, family.


How could the Landlord not be aware of this?
Also,who was he stealing power from? If neighbors, how can people protect themselves from that kind of theft?

I say, good ridance to a creepy nasty individual. Hope his lungs are full of mold spores.


He was stealing the power directly from PGE, and that's how the cops got onto him. PGE noticed a big hike in power volume into the subdivision with no corresponding increase in payment volume out of the subdivision. That usually signals theft by a pot grower. And yes, it strikes me as very odd that the owner of a two-story, 2,500-square-foot house in a nice neighborhood would fail to notice it had been completely trashed in the process of being turned into a drug factory. That seems to me to violate Landlord 101.

Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor

Michael Tubbs Sr

"That seems to me to violate Landlord 101."

Indeed. Gotta wonder what questions were asked on the rental application.

Just Lookin

Great job on the part of LE, too bad we have to worry about bail for the likes of this. Too bad he even gets the thought of bail. Until the druggies and potheads quit, the drugs will keep flowing. Whether Asian or Hispanic growers all need to be exported beyond the borders. Not just deported to come back.

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