By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

'Bad decision' nets robber 90 months

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troy prouty

That is a profit of about $1.00 a month for your crime, give or take the fact you probably have to repay it back resitution not listed and you probably will not serve the full sentence, but proabtion fees of $35.00 for 36 months in which you can apply for early release from that after 1/3 of it served - but more than likely won't get it until at least 24.


you could have worked 111 hours of min wage work in Oregon - Being honest - NOT done the crime and not be behind bars in the hole with deficit when you finally do get out.


Troy Prouty*


troy prouty

opps again my mistake take one dollar and divide by three. That equals just a little over 33 cents a month. Wow.. Hopefully prison offers a 401 K plan?


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