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Back to basics of Riverbend debate

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Keeping the Riverbend landfill open will help keep commerial and residential costs to an affordable price. Keeping it open will also prevent the use of county roads and private property being used as dumping grounds. What would the County's tourism and winery sector think about that? The County road department would be busy, at tax payers cost, cleaning and disposing of the garbage. It only takes a few minutes to drive by the landfill to go on about a person's business. I live NE of the landfill and never have smelled any offensive smells. Hillsboro has a much larger landfill mountain within the city limits with residental area all around it. Doesn't seem to be death a mental to them or their economy.


Could you define death a mental?
Why would a huge corporation in Texas care about the people in this county?
I find the landfill extraordinarily offensive on so many different levels. It is, in fact, most definitely death a mental.


If Riverbend landfill, which is already filled to capacity, were to close; a transfer station would be built, like most every other city has. Unrecyclable trash would possibly be shipped to Arlington, OR, a town located in a desert region more suitable for a massive trash dump. Waste Management has a much more viable set up there, and this city welcomes the industry.

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