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Audit: Ore. schools fund overdrawn by $76 million

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Michael Tubbs Sr

"We don't have the financial records, we don't have anything that tells us why that happened,"

Then the people whose job-description entails knowing/being aware of such details, should be out-right 'pink slipped' and lose any benefits they may have accrued while holding that particular position as a public employee.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Perhaps 'colored coded' checks might make it easier to keep track of such things. Green checks could be used for writing checks on the money we have, and Red checks could be written on the money we don't?..or..would that be too complicated?


Ha, that would be too easy Mr. Tubbs. As for canning those responsible, it will never happen, they will just continue to be overpaid government employees with bennies- it would be laughable if it wasn't so true!

Michael Tubbs Sr

Amen to that, sister, we should at the very least be grateful, grateful that Jon Corzine isn't our go to guy on this one!

Don Dix

"The State Land Board distributes investment earnings to schools based on student population, and the Oregon Constitution requires that the principal be protected."

So, according to this statement, Ted and his mindless minions violated a requirement of Oregon's Constitution. I suppose it would be hopeless to expect some form of punishment.

A $76M surprise could be explained 2 ways -- these people are so arrogant they think they can get away with anything -- or they are dumber than a box of rocks! (maybe both!)

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