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Audit finds payroll issues at University of Oregon

SALEM — Some University of Oregon employees were allowed to use overtime to get around money-saving furlough days and pay freezes, state auditors said Thursday.

The audit by the secretary of state's office recommends that university leadership have more involvement in payroll decisions.

University officials requested an internal audit earlier this year after learning of potential payroll violations for grant-funded positions in the Institute of Neuroscience.

State auditors later got involved and found problems on the timesheets for 13 employees of the institute. Auditors said furlough days were recorded when the employee was actually working, and overtime was recorded to offset the pay cuts from the unpaid furlough days.

The audit said emails confirmed that payroll personnel would add overtime to the timesheets if employees forgot to do it.

One part-time employee was given a raise by increasing the hours paid from 20 per week to 34.4, but the employee was not expected to work more than 20.

Auditors say university leadership should communicate expectations about payroll and establish better controls over compensation, vacation time and overtime.

In a letter responding to the audit, Jamie Moffitt, UO's vice president for finance and administration, said the university agrees with the recommendations and is taking steps to correct the problems. The university is also developing new training for people responsible for complying with grant requirements.

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