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Attacker sent to prison

He made it clear he didn’t think the 15 months Weinhart received from Judge Cal Tichenor was long enough.

Weinhart was sentenced Tuesday in Yamhill County Circuit Court after pleading guilty to one count of unlawful use of a weapon, a Class C felony, in connection with an October knife attack at Hamrick’s McMinnville residence.

In exchange for the guilty plea on the weapon charge, the prosecution agreed to drop a charge of attempting to commit a Class A felony.

With credit for time already served awaiting disposition of the case, Weinhart has only about nine months to serve.

Weinhart, represented by McMinnville defense lawyer Mark Lawrence, will serve 24 months of post-prison supervision upon release. He was ordered to pay a $300 fine and $850 in attorney fees.

An ex-con, he was on post-prison supervision from San Diego County at the time, on a conviction for felon in possession of a weapon. His supervision had been transferred to Yamhill County.

Deputy District Attorney Ladd Wiles said he didn’t know how the violation would be treated locally. However, he acknowledged Hamrick’s unhappiness over the way the new charges had been resolved.

“Scott is frustrated,” Wiles told the court. “He believes the case is one of attempted murder.”

Hamrick agreed, telling Weinhart, “You have shown no remorse and offered no apology. It was your choice to come to my home and attack me.”

In an exchange of e-mails, Hamrick and an ex-girlfriend had made arrangements for her to pick up some property. She arrived in the company of Weinhart, a mutual acquaintance.

The e-mail exchange between the two had started out civil, then suddenly taken a graphic and threatening tone.

In the course of their investigation, detectives determined the exchange turned sharp when Weinhart began responding under her name. They also learned she had portrayed the relationship to him as abusive.

Wiles said a confrontation ensued between the two men, and Weinhart produced a “Rambo-style knife” with a five- to seven-inch blade. He said Weinhart slashed at Hamrick, penetrating his shirt but not his body.

Following the attack, the woman left with Weinhart.

Upon being interviewed, she told police she wanted Weinhart to send Hamrick a message by “roughing him up,” but never intended for him to be stabbed. Hamrick told the court his ex-girlfriend should also be held accountable for her actions, but no charges were filed against her.

Lawrence said Weinhart had armed himself because Hamrick had a criminal record of his own, was a martial arts expert and liked to brag about beating people up.

When he had a chance to speak for himself, Weinhart said, “None of this should have happened. I have reconciled with my wife, and that’s the most important thing to me right now. I’m trying to change my life.”


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