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Arrest made in Chemeketa bomb threat case

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Because she had tests. We all have tests in the classes we pay for, we all use gas to get to those classes that we have to pay for, we all have families who get worried because they are afraid that the threat was indeed real, but know that we still have to show up for those classes that we pay for.

You threw your career away, you threw your future away, all because you were not prepared for a test. Have fun paying back the financial aid you were more than likely using, and all the while, knowing it should have been used to propel you in to the work force someday and in to a great career in nursing. There goes your credit, your opportunities, your future. The requirements for the nursing program are pretty stringent, you have to be the best of the best to get in, so you took someone else's place that would have been honored to get in and studied until there was no studying left and than threw it all away.

Shameful, a disgrace, and an injustice to all those who frantically balance home, work, AND school in an effort to support their families and their futures. I hope they punish you to the fullest extent possible by law.


WOW! That is about all I can say. WOW! I am a student also and I have had tests that I know I was no where prepared for. What a shame, Manup you really said it, taking a spot in a coveted program and you threw it away. I hope the make you pay back the financial aide so that someone who wants a future and is willing to be prepared for it can get.

You not only effected your ill-prparedness but those of the entire campus, who did you think you were helping? Stop being lazy and do the work. I can't just call in a bomb threat when ever I feel like not studying, that is a serious lack of character!

You will have plenty of time to study in jail, character building techniques perhaps?


I so wish that our laws would take in to account the victims affected by the actions of such people. She should be held accountable for every student, teacher, admin, janitor- whomever had business with any of the campuses affected by her actions. Since she did it twice, than a count times two if needed. If they wind up only giving her probation, than she should have to work her butt off for each student, teacher, etc. twice- one person per day. It would give her plenty of time to realize what her threats did, and to understand the stress she put on those who attend any of the campuses, as well as repaying for the man power needed to search the campuses, and run the investigations, resources that just are not easy to come by in a time of cutbacks.

How many of those officers or their families were in fear that they may not get to see their families again?

I have no doubt she realizes how stupid her actions were, but will she ever comprehend the repercusions of her actions, the extent that it truly has caused the students and their grades? Two missed classes is a lot when your talking end of term, finals, and the fact that some classes only meet once or twice a week. Will she ever comprehend the effects of her copycat?

She will if the system holds her accountable.


She is simply a loser. Plain and simple. This is our future; laziness and no accountability. Watch the movie "Ideocracy", she could star in it.


You all no nothing about how things work in this country, innicent till proven gilty! Not only that but you no nothing about this beautiful hard working young women. This woman has the biggest heart on the face of this earth. She does everything for everyone and gives the shirt off her back to do it! You read alittle press and you really think its just that simple and easy to do such a wild and crazy thing as she did just to get out of a test? No! I do not see it that way at all! Its simple, she just snaped! Months of severe pain and loss. It became too much for her to bear. And then it effected her school. The thing she does the best. Her last hope of being a nurse fading away. She had already lost control and I believe was mentely gone by the time she did this. She had to be totally desperate to do this. She is not in jail thinking about stupid things like you all say. She is in there suffering horibly from the pain that got her there and none of this has even hit her yet. She just wants to die and thats all. All these years she gave to all, even before nursing. I am assuming you all are nurses. Well, wheres is your compassion for this poor young women. Her little soul is in agony and she needs help and love and people to just care and no that there is so much more than meats the eye. Havent any of you ever hurt so bad that mabie you did not think correctly, mabie spents months crying in your bed? Or do you all come from such perfect lifes? not all are that lucky. And sometime we just snap without the capability to think it through because we are already to sick. You all are the lazy ones, to quick to draw and no time to think: What really happen to this beautiful young women?


Baby: innocent until proven guilty went out the door when she ADMITTED HER GUILT. And you are right, I really DO NOT CARE what her excuses were, she broke the law, her actions affected hundreds of others and many, many are having a hard time recuperating from the impact of having to miss class while still having to do work they just have not had the right instruction in, thus their grades will suffer, potentially effecting their scholarships,finals, financial aid, and ultimately their GPA. Some care what their grades and their futures are- it is not something to be taken lightly.
Between mental health avenues, the school resources, hotlines, doctors, police, her work, etc, there were outlets she could have chosen that would not put the fear, worry and anxiety into the community that her actions caused, even you since you seem to be so concerned and supportive of her illegal actions- where were you dearest friend?
We have a right to judge, we have a right to be angry, we have a right to base our judgements on the information provided. Regardless of what devastating course her life had taken, there is NEVER an excuse to violate our laws to this degree, it's not like she was starving and stole some food from a store to feed herself, she called in a threats to a school, a place to harbor dreams and safety in an effort to pursue education for a better life. The fact that you can so callously accept the position she put us all in, and disregard the fear of emergency personel who put their lives on the line to search out these threats to insure our safety is a testament to your lack of character and judgment, it is also what is wrong in our society today. A crime can not be justified just because you know the person or that person was having a tough time of things.
Grow up Baby, accountability needs to be rediscovered in America.


As for your comment suggesting that all nurses should understand and be compassionate towards this issue, I would be appalled at any nurse who would justify this behavior in an effort to avoid a test. I certainly would never allow such a person near my loved one and would condemn any hospital of keeping on such personnel. I think a lot of nurses would agree, as her lack of commitment is a slap in the face to their countless hours of sacrifice, commitment, and duty.

troy prouty

I guess being a nurse is out. (unless she wants to work in Iraq) or someplace that behavior is excepted.

Troy Prouty*


Read it again. Slowly. Take your time. Word for word. Where does it say I condone anything? Get off your soap box and do not twist my words. I do not have to even answer your remarks because they have absolutely nothing to do with what I said at all. Yes I was tired and did alittle misspelling, and of course I am aware she soposedly admitted Guilt. Or at least that is what the internet says. I simply read a bunch of people so full of hatred wishing this women the worst. I found it very stupid coming from people that only no what they have heard or read on the internet. Only a tiny bit of a story, hopefully to help broden peoples perspectives of the realities of pain in this world, and again, to show that things arent always that simple. God Bless You.

Just Lookin

She knew what she was doing was wrong, plain and simple. She admitted guilt, plain and simple. She was only thinking of herself, and how to get her way. She is lucky if a lot of the people who were affected by her actions do not bring legal action against her. If I was attending school and paying out of my pocket and someone did as she did, I would want something for the hard earned $$$ I had spent.She apparently needs some type of counseling as a minimum.


bottom line, she broke the law, if she needs help she'll get it but she still has to pay for her mistakes

skull crusher

she had tests to take? Not a very good excuse if you ask me.

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