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Appointment process raises eyebrows

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Mark Davis makes a great point in suggesting members of the Water & Light Commission should interview for their jobs. Why are they so special? I'm tired of this good ol' boys' club; they represent the untouchable, bygone cliques of white men accountable to no one.


interesting comment about the "cliques of white men accountable to no one". There have been two women appointed to the Water and Light Board. Both having previous utility experience--Dr. Vivian Bull--then president of Linfield and Nancy Carlton--who moved here after having a management position with the California department of energy. Dr. Bull moved from the area and MS. Carlton resigned to deal with an ill parent. The charter is very clear about the operation of the utility. It is to be run like a business and not suffer the consequences of political issues. If you look at the history and current utility rates the orgization must be doing something right for our community.


TWO women? Wow. Impressive. Great strides.

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