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Another year of turkey tradition

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I know a lot of people worked really hard on Turkey Rama, but it seems to be declining. Not a lot of vendors, things spread to far out, not long enough, etc.

I wish it had the same vibe as 5-10 years ago.

Don Dix

Denise -- For 3 days (Thursday - Saturday) 3rd Street was occupied by local vendors and shops from Baker to Galloway (and Cowls, Davis, Evans, Hembree extensions from 2nd to 4th), all the service clubs were in some way involved, wall to wall people every day and evening, topped off by a dance and party Saturday night at the Elk's property on Baker Creek Road. That dance always drew thousands.

Today's TR has none of those characteristics listed above. Attendance the last several years appears to be about 30 - 40% of the standard set over the first 40 years. In fact, the only constant lately has been the acclaimed barbequed turkey.

Those of us who grew up with TR hardly recognize the festival today. As a former JayCee, our organization could rely on selling 3000 - 3500 Pronto Pups (better and more local than Corn Dogs) to help fund the year's projects. By observation, it would be a stretch to reach half that number.

It is said, 'you can never go back', but in this case, it might be wise to make that attempt.

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