By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Amity retains Stickler until another officer is hired

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I have to say that I am so disappointed in the fact that Amity has elected people who are willing to settle. Sounds like there is a problem with this officer, has anyone looked to see if there are filings on him anywhere else? Have you looked in your own back yards? Don�t the taxpayers deserve to get the best their money can afford? Who has been paying for his lawyer? THE TAXPAYERS???? Why in the world would a city council want to hire anyone, especially a peace officer, who has a background of stalking and lying? Really?????


KUDOS to the 2 members who voted no. Peace Officers should be held to a higher standard,,,,i wonder if any of his cases can be thrown out? Again, taxpayers money down the drain.....


I want to know why officer Brown would want to hire someone who has a "past", when there are so many people out there trying to get jobs. Why would he want to waste our tax dollars on attoreys to fight for Sticklers mistakes? That makes no sense to me! If Stickler wants to fight this battle then he needs to pay for his mistakes himself. He continually contacted this lady, so it wasn't like a 1 time mistake, or I would understand more.

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