By Karl Klooster • Staff Writer • 

Amish after words

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Ah! A mystery solved! I checked with my brother; neither of us had ever heard who had put up the sign. The Amish embraced the designation, and it is still used as an identifier. One endearing trait of the Amish, I think, is that they are always ready to laugh at themselves. That reminds me of an incident one moonless night in the mid-1940s. A group of high school boys sneaked one of my family's buggies out of our yard and took it the 2 1/ 2 miles to Amity High School where with great effort- and a few injuries - they hoisted it onto the roof of the school. The high school principal- whose name I have long since forgotten - was aghast and repeatedly apologized to my father. Dad thought the whole thing was funny.

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