By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Alleged child sex abuser will take case to trial

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I can't believe that the victims have to wait and live in limbo while this creep is out and enjoying life, possibly abusing more kids!! I really don't understand how his wife can stick by him during all this with all the evidence. Sick creepy beast is what he is!


In the past we have seen several cases go to trial without the Defendant present, some for health reasons and others because they skipped out and left the country. I think if I was in the Judges position, I would set the date and let it begin rather the defendant shows or not...

Troy Prouty*


Is it that difficult to order an independent medical exam and just find out if he really is that disabled that he can't show up in court? I mean, they put real victims through those exams (like for personal injuries, worker;s comp, etc.) why not a probable criminal?

If he's working the system, this is just another slap in the face for the victims, a way of continuing the abuse.


“There are continuing medical issues,”

what does that mean? A hang-nail? A cold? acid reflux?

I think an independent exam would be appropriate. Bring justice to these victims already.

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