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Agencies step up holiday driving enforcement

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As someone who had multiple experiences with the McMinnville city police, I can only say that they operate the most difficult law enforcement agency I've encountered in my life. I lived in McMinnville from August through the first of December. In that time I was stopped by the McMinnville city police more than I had been in the previous twelve years for such egregious activities as driving 58 in a 55, driving 35 in a school zone (by a school that is currently closed), for having one of two licence plate lights out, for driving too close to the center line, and for driving too far from the center line and my absolute favorite, driving through a blinking yellow light (not a crime). I work a swing shift and would find myself going home between 11:30 and midnight, and apparently that's indicative of a crime in McMinnville. Only one officer had the strenght of character to outright tell me that I was out at night, and they are looking for criminals so use minor traffic issues as a pretense to check for DUI's and drugs. I applaud him, while at the same time I hold the force itself in low regard. I left McMinnville due to what I can only call harassment such as this. I will start doing my shopping in Salem and won't go to McMinnville unless absolutely necessary.


If they reinstate Heidt and he pulls me over, I'm locking the doors and calling 9-1-1 immediately.

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