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AG’s campaign was never really at risk

If Oregon’s attorney general election was a referendum on marijuana, then pot supporters clearly won the day.

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troy prouty

I'm just not a big fan. I often see it a gateway drug.

This doesn't mean I think it is a big deal. I can think of worse.

For example I think many Corporate execs far worse to the state of America than any person that smokes pot, and why we chase down the pot consumer we allow companies like United Health group to steal betwen 20 and 40 million per day from insured to providers. OR at least until a State sues them Like NY in 2009 winning 350 Million.

But the concern continues figuring later on when the CEO left after a 167 million dollar salary and attempt at 1.3 billion in bonus money, but received just under a Billion.

At some point we need to look at society and what is the cost. The lone smoker of pot, or the exec that causes far more choas from downsizing to basically slave labor and the effect it has on all of us.

Troy Prouty*

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