By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

After-school extras

They can build with Legos, fold paper, paint, do yoga, sing or dance in the 30-minute sessions offered during the after school program, which also includes an hour of academic work and another of Kids on the Block activities. Or, as five girls was doing Thursday, they can braid and weave plastic strips to create friendship bracelets.

“This is called ‘cobra,’” Johana Perez Zaragoza said, showing off a snake-patterned braid. “And this is ‘wavy braid,’” Jimena Castaneda Ramirez said, holding out her wrist to display the pattern on her bracelet.

“They love this. They’ll come in and work on their bracelets at noon, too, or whenever they can,” said Robin O’Farrell, the educational assistant leading the bracelet sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Leslie Santibanes, Rochelle Silis and Alma Arcadio Grimaldo bent their heads over their bracelets, which were taking shape on clipboards, one end clamped down and the other free for weaving. “Over, under, through,” Alma said as she demonstrated.

The girls said they each plan to make one bracelet for themselves and another to send to a friend. They’ll mail the bracelets through the in-school post office.

“I’m going to give mine to my BCF,” Johana said, explaining to adults who aren’t up on current acronyms, “That’s my best cousin forever.”

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