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Addict sentenced in jewelry store theft

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Sincerely wish this young man good luck on his recovery! It CAN happen!


I don't believe one thing he says.


Thanks for saying that myopinion. I've been clean since 7/13/01 and there are things I did during my years using that make these charges seem like shoplifting a pack of gum. Some people don't believe that addicts can change, or can't reconcile that they feel remorse and self hated while at the same time being unable to resist the compulsion to use, and to obtain drugs by any measure. Oregon needs more treatment options, and an easier path to getting records expunged, or charges retroactively lowered to misdemeanors, for those in recovery.


When is enough enough?


Now that pot is legal there is never enough


Who asked you to believe him? Nobody! This is a very great young man, who needs help and support not criticism and judgement. Drugs are an evil, active part in our community. Which needs addressed. Unfortunately there are too many closed minded people, who are judgemental and want to just throw out stupid comments. Our community is in crisis. Until that is acknowledged we will continue to have more and more addicts and more and more crime. We need to bring to our community the help that's needed. Build up our community up rather than judge and belittle.




Well, let's see how long the lad stays out of jail.


As stated closed minded, judgemental, mean people.
I hope you have no children. And if you do I pray they never become addicts. You will never truly understand and feel empathy until its your loved one struggling. And before you assume he's related, no he isn't but I will say he is and has been a wonderful big brother figure to my very wonderful son who's getting ready to serve in the military so people like you can slander others before even knowing them.
And as I stated before build up your community, stop destroying and tearing it apart with judgement and persecution.


And how would you feel if you were the one ripped off? If someone smashed through your window and stole what you valued? Actions have consequences, from which no one is exempt.


I can imagine that being addicted to opiates is a horrible way to live and I understand those that would rather die than live one more day under the control of the drug. People should be punished for their crimes, but they should also receive comprehensive treatment to kick this evil drug for good. Our jails should be prepared for addicted inmates and get them the help they need during withdrawal. Anyone who sincerely wants to kick the drug should be able to get the help they need in this county if we are truly a community filled with compassionate citizens. Matthew 25:35-40


I see your Matthew and raise you Exodus 20:15.

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