By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Accusation: Landlord ran over tenant

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well, if you see someone is upset and behind the wheel, you better get out of the way instead of trying to stop them, people do crazy things!


Not the brightest idea to approach under such circumstances, maybe could have gone through a COURT proceeding instead of dealing with someone so completely ridiculous.
I wonder how their actions are going to affect their futures, if he is in jail will he lose his duplex? How will this financially impact him? If so, the female will have to find a new place to live due directly to this scenario, and while she would be smart to move anyways, she may not have had the NEED to move until this happened.
Will he make some ridiculous plea bargain and get community service or will he spend a lengthy amount of time behind bars for his disregard of human life? Will he discover prison love based solely on the repercussions of his actions? Will she be in physical therapy for the next bajillion years, will she lose the ability to work due to injuries and have to file for unemployment or worse disability?
Newtons law of motion on display right here in McMinnville.
Hope she recovers well and has the means to move before his place goes to foreclosure!

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