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Accidental panic alarms at business triggers police response

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Seems expensive. I hope they clarify that on the line item for our taxes.


Who cares about the expense? Would you rather no one respond at all, or how about if you need assistance and no one respond because it might cost you a bit of tax money? Frankly, I'm more than happy to pay any taxes that keeps law enforcement on the streets and responding to any alarms, be it false or real. Plus, I'm thankful that all ended well.




ThatGuy, all of these officers were already working their shifts. It doesn't cost any more for them to be in one part of the city compared to another part of the city/county, except maybe some gas.

troy prouty

in the article "hostage situation inside the building"

Yeah that happens a lot these days, espcially in mis town America. I saw Red Dawn also..


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