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Abandoned satchel draws bomb squads

Mar 10, 2012 | 19 Comments

By Paul Daquilante
Of the News-Register

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10:44 am - Sat, March 10 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
The gap between suspicion and paranoia, seems to narrow with the passing of each year.
06:46 am - Sun, March 11 2012
troy prouty said:
Yes it does seem to be rather ridiculous these days.

Troy Prouty*
11:00 am - Sun, March 11 2012
YCmom22 said:
Thank goodness our tax dollars were put to "good use" on Friday!
10:22 am - Mon, March 12 2012
ToSea said:
The gap is closing with the raising crime rate and changes in society in general. As for our "tax dollars" at work, had it been a bomb and they did nothing, I am left wondering what your comment would have been about how we didn't spend the tax dollars. You want to save tax dollars? Take a good long look at the court system and the prison system and how much they waste. Stop blaming the highest profile (cops who do a very hard job) and start digging a bit if you truly care.
04:28 pm - Mon, March 12 2012
MacMini said:
I was curious about Chase Bank, I notice their employees outside one day, what was all that about? Wells Fargo customers complained about not being able to go in and get their business done, but I think best it better to be safe than sorry later. These days you do need to be somewhat paranoid, it is a far more complex world we live in. A type of world where children can go into schools armed with handguns, We can't complain about the way our lives use to be, this is the way it is now. We don't have to accept it, we just need to be prepared for it.
04:01 am - Tue, March 13 2012
troy prouty said:
Being paranoid isn't being prepared.

Being Mindful is being prepared. Big difference.

Troy Prouty*
10:57 am - Tue, March 13 2012
ItIsWhatItIs said:
better to be safe than sorry, i agree with ToSea, if it would have been a bomb, people would be asking why they didn't check it out - it's just that now a days you can't assume that it's probably ok - what would you tell the family of the employee who got killed exploring the item that was probably ok instead of treating it with caution? sorry, we didn't want to spend our tax dollars having professionals check it out.
05:01 pm - Tue, March 13 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
It is what it is, I wholeheartedly agree. Some day, someone, somewhere will set-off a roadside IED in America..Afterwards, people will commence calling in their concerns about any suspicious item they notice from that day forward.

And those concerns will have to be addressed.
02:06 am - Wed, March 14 2012
troy prouty said:
It's too bad we aren't afraid of what is happening in our country with the reduction of the middle class. The distance between the rich and the poor and the loss of government for the majority of the people with the special influence of companies and the wealthy. That is far worse and far more powerful than any little bomb.

If we were afraid, maybe we actually care about our government and see being a citizen a full time job and hold not only government accountable, but ourselves as well.

Troy Prouty*
05:20 am - Wed, March 14 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
"If we were afraid, maybe we actually care about our government and see being a citizen a full time job and hold not only government accountable, but ourselves as well."

Point taken. Until everyone climbs on board, though, individuals such as Lt. Col R.Underwood will still have concerns to address, concerns better left to professionals.
11:09 am - Wed, March 14 2012
GrannyG said:

@MacMini: The Chase bank was robbed. I was shocked not to read anything about it on here.
12:31 pm - Wed, March 14 2012
Reporter Starla Pointer said:
Actually, MacMini and GrannyG, that's not correct. Police responded to Chase Bank recently because a teller noticed suspicious powder on a bill. The powder turned out to be benign.
07:31 am - Sat, March 17 2012
Just Lookin said:
What is rather funny in a way, is how many people will point at LE and laugh when they take something serious. Or comment about the $$$ used to check something out. Until that happens to them, or a real bomb goes off like happened in Woodburn. People need to be awake, and let LE do their jobs. So many armchair quarterbacks, who would no doubt soil themselves in a real situation.
Thank you to those that are a part o LE (Law Enforcement)
08:24 am - Sat, March 17 2012
GrannyG said:
Thanks Ms. Pointer for correcting me. Shows how rumors get started!!!!
04:06 am - Sun, March 18 2012
troy prouty said:
I don't know about you. But the world is scray. So, like when I go visit friend about 1 mile away, I can't trust that somebody won't break into my house and steal things. So I rent a truck, pack everythng up and load the truck.
I then head to my friends house, I can't possibly leave everything in the truck while visiting. What if someone steals the truck? So I ask my friend if it's okay while I visit him for an hour or so, If I can unload everything in his place. Can you believe that he get's upset with this request?

I guess some people just don't get it, "yes" be afraid.. Please..

Troy Prouty*

05:35 pm - Sun, March 18 2012
YCmom22 said:
from now on, I will ALWAYS call 911 when someone comes to my door...better safe than sorry....then, when I get in trouble for abuse of the 911 system, and fined for wasting "community resources" I will tell" LE" that I was just being cautious, because this one time, somewhere, someone answered the door and got robbed...or something. Come one people...common sense. Yes, bad stuff happens.....but SOMETIMES....(most of the time) people just leave their "satchel" somewhere....or have dollar bills with dust...or flour...or something completely innocent...on them...and NO, I do not have a problem with "LE" doing their jobs, and erring on the side of caution, but I DO have a problem with the general waste in ALL levels of the government, when my children are losing their fairly decent education because we HAVE to spend money on our out of control government spending....I pay ALOT of taxes, and I have the right to complain about the spending of the money that I work so hard for someone to waste....and BTW...I would not "soil myself" if faced with a real emergency...I will be prepared to handle it, because I am not running around paranoid that something is gonna get me around every corner, or that something bad is going to happen with every breath I take. I WILL NOT put all of my trust in a corrupt system, and WILL not give all of the power to a government that is getting bigger as we speak....that is NOT what our country was founded on.
05:57 pm - Sun, March 18 2012
YCmom22 said:
...oh, and before you go jumping to any conclusions...No, I am not a criminal. No, I do not have any beef with law enforcement, No, none of my family has any issues with LE, I am just tired of seeing all of the news about wasted money, when there are much better ways to spend maybe on our future.
04:29 am - Mon, March 19 2012
troy prouty said:
I believe though in this case it wasn't the police dept's fault. They did what their rules require. I also believe that the bank did what they are told to do regarding. The banks case might actually be the best case for it, since the banks got away with a lot of dirty stuff lately. Loans that shouldn't have been given, foreclosures that happened without regard to others.. things of that nature.. A lot of people are not happy with them right now, and they shouldn't be. However most people signed those loans they couldn't afford. so the responsability is on both parties in my opinion.

I do think some of the paronia is a little conerning from the messages. Powder on a bill (what is that about?). When I talk about mindfulness it is a simple reminder of being aware of surrondings and seeing what actually is, not what could be. It's a great practice.

Troy Prouty*
09:41 am - Tue, March 20 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
" I do think some of the paranoia is a little concerning from the messages. Powder on a bill (what is that about?) "

Troy, I believe she was alluding to the fear created by that Anthrax guy, and his ability to wreak nationwide havoc via our USPS. That would be my best guess. I think that we're not to far from the day when ODOT will be upgrading to MRAP Snowplows.

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