A shocker: Benefits cost dollar-for-dollar

For every dollar the state of Oregon pays in wages, it pays another dollar for employee benefits

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Don Dix

Paid time off includes vacation, sick leave, and of course the highly necessary 'personal time'. Added together, these absent times could equal not only weeks but months. Thousands of workers take that time on a regular basis. Those that do not use all their 'time off' receive that compensation when they retire. It's a win - win for the public employees, and a total loss for the taxpayers.

Another costly aspect is those employees who have 'retired' and re-hired as independent consultants or contractors. Although their position is filled by another employee with full compensation, these 'double-dippers' are receiving the same salary for duplicating that position.

As with all government spending, there is no conscience when tax dollars are available -- and in governments's eye, that money must be spent, no matter the circumstances.

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