By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

A look back: Columbus Day Storm rips through county

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The CDS took up trees 100 years old, and landed on houses around the Linfield campus and the roots tore up the streets all over town. There were pictures of straw going through telephone poles in the Oregonian.
My dad said he saw sheep and cows huddled together hours before the storm as he drove back Home.
On the coast logs went through motel rooms in Walport and flooded coastal towns.
The damage to boats from Newport to Astoria was devastating.
What was really amazing was how spontaneous Mc and other small town reacted and cleaned up the mess in a no nonsense matter so power, services and care was restored.
The warning was almost nonexistent and I don't think the authorities new how devastating the storm would become to lives and property.
To my limited knowledge no one was prepared for The Columbus Day Storm.

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