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A crazy world of telephone numbers

Which telephone numbers require long-distance connections from McMinnville?

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Mike Santone

Read your comments in today's Oregonian's "Foreclosure giant takes a new tack on notices". You are "right on". It is a "bastardization of the traditions of community journalism."

The folks making big money off the grief of foreclosures buying up community newspapers to go vertical with the advertizing is a sad reflection on what is happening to our communities.

Thank you.

And: I would have sent a letter to the editor, but could not get it to work. My browser if Firefox, so maybe that is why NR letter screen doesn't load for me.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I read the Oregonian article as well, found it somewhat disturbing.

Jeb Bladine

I agree that it's a disturbing trend in newspapering.
FYI, the Letter to editor screen works with my Firefox browser, but there are different browser versions and ongoing challenges keeping website systems in synch with all of them.
Meanwhile, you also can mail letters to P.O. Box 727 in McMinnville, or email them to

Michael Tubbs Sr


I remember the phone on my aunt and uncle's farm, a wooden box mounted on the kitchen wall. Every farmer in the community that had a phone, had the same dial-less model which sent a series of electrical charges down the line much in the same fashion one might send an alert by Morse code.

There were no numbers to recall, only a series of short/long rings generated by a hand crank attached to the box. These box's were quite popular among the wives of the farmers that had them. I say that, because I don't recollect ever seeing..or..hearing, any of their husbands listening, much less talking through the device.

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