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Board upholds using cats for dissection

Supports finding different source for preserved animals

Cat lovers seek end of dissections in high school advanced biology

Doctors on school board say dissection was a key part of their training

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Forensic scientist Liz DeVisser in the Human Anatomy Lab she coordinates at Linfield College. She says her field is nothing like what’s portrayed on TV.

Bodies of evidence

... and mystery of life. The DNA strands locked away in bodies long dead are tantalizing clues to the intricate machinery of the cosmos, DeVisser said. “DNA analysis really is an amazing tool,” she ...

Letters to the Editor Feb. 8, 2013

Letters from Jane Kristof, Rick Hanson, Jim LeTourneux, David Terry, Ilsa Perse, Antoinette Marcel, Michael Pacheco

Letters to the Editor - Feb. 1, 2013

Letters from Sandra Ponto, Liz Marlia-Stein, Lew Somershoe, Charlie Montgomery, Jim LeTourneux, Scott Gibson, Dani Dennenberg

Mac School Board supports continuing dissection

Turns down Yamhill  County Cat Coalition request that the practice be stopped

Tough call, but there's reason for school's dissection class

 The American public school system has been prone to infighting over sensitive subjects virtually since its founding

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 25, 2013

Letters from Brian Carlson, Mike Sullivan    

Mac board to meet Monday, hear dissection appeal

Cat group says computer simulation would be better

Letters to the Editor - Jan. 18, 2013

Letters from.Kirk D. Levi, Mike Dandy, Antoinette Marcel, Tammy Devine, Tony Hartford

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