NR App: Farewell ... for now

This is the final edition of News-Register: The Weekly ... at least for now.

We've been producing this mobile application since March as an experiment with AGFA Graphics, an international publishing supply company. It's been a positive experience but we're ceasing publication in order to focus our efforts on our Oregon Wine Press app and other AGFA projects.

We've learned a lot and we appreciate the supportive feedback shared by you, our mobile readers. Your emails and phone calls provided valuable insights into how consumers want to receive their community news and information.

News-Registrer: The Weekly was a beta project for us. It also was part of AGFA's larger effort. We continue to be that company's North American development partner. AGFA wants to see how a community news organization can use their content management and application creation tools. We're happy to help.

We expect the News-Register app to return in some form. There's no need to delete the app from your phone or tablet. It will deliver for you again some day. In the meantime, please continue to read the News-Register newspaper and NewsRegister.com for details.

- Dan Shryock
Digital Media Director, News-Register 

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