Massive plane crosses the road

Evergreen 747 crosses Highway 18 early Sunday morning

Video by Tim Marsh, McMinnville

(Video by Tim Marsh / N-R subscriber, McMinnville)  In the early morning hours of Sunday, Evergreen International Aviation towed the a massive 747 from its corporate headquarters across the highway to its new home in front of the Evergreen Aviation Museum. The state Department of Transportation closed the highway from 5 to 6 a.m. for the event.

Some got up early just to see the show. Others witnessed the move by chance. 

“It was so nice when the other 747 was in front of the museum,” McMinnville High School Principal Kris Olsen said of an earlier plane turned into the centerpiece of the museum’s water park. “I think it will be neat to have that as a centerpiece again.”

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