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Recent rash of thefts in Mac

In many of the cases, the property was in plain sight. In others, it was easily accessible in yards or open garages.

The thefts appear to be occurring primarily in the afternoon and evenings, often while someone is home.

According to investigations, the suspect or suspects are driving a dark-colored pickup and using snatch and run tactics. They may be casing residential areas in advance for property left unattended.

Police urge residents to keep property in locations not easily accessible, and to be vigilant about suspicious people and vehicles. They ask that any suspicious incidents be reported to the police department at 503-434-7307 or dispatch center at 503-434-6500.



This is nothing new in the 10th 11th 12th street area on the west side. I just lost a blower and to many items to list. Its getting alittle old. Its almost to the point of chain link around the property but they will steal that too. Hey chief lets do some real police work and put a stop to this crap going on instead of sitting outside bars and wait for drunk drivers while the rest of the city is wide open.

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