All she needed was a replacement pair of eyeglasses

Day 1 of the FEMA-sponsored integrated emergency management courses, Part 2

(Nicole Montesano / N-R Reporter)  The man had suffered a shoulder injury, in the severe tornado that swept through Lubbock, Texas. His home and vehicle were destroyed, along with his place of work.

But, he told officials working to help residents obtain help after the disaster, he was sure everything would be fine, if he could just obtain a replacement pair of eyeglasses for his wife.

That sort of response, instructor Bruce Marshall told participants in the the Federal Emergency Management Agency's training session this week, is why public announcements about where and how to obtain help after a disaster need to be published repeatedly. It takes time, he said, for people to come to grips with the magnitude of their losses, and to really take in the information provided.

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