This is a test. This is only a test.

Day 1 of the FEMA-sponsored integrated emergency management courses

(Nicole Montesano / N-R Reporter)  If you didn't document it, it didn't happen. Writing down every action, phone call, phone number and person spoken to, any hour of the day or night, will be crucial for providing much-needed information to the public, state and federal officials, possibly even the courts, participants in a Federal Emergency Management Agency training course heard on Monday.

Some 90-plus city and county officals are learning how to plan for and respond to a major earthquake this week in Yamhill County.

After hearing what a subduction zone earthquake is Monday morning, and what kinds of damage it is likely to cause, participants began hearing in the afternoon about how best to deal with state and federal officals in the afternoon.

Currently, participants have broken into small groups and are working on improving the community's perceptions of the emergency operations center. Question number one; does the public know what that is, and what it does?

Question two; if the electricity is out, how are these efforts going to be disseminated? Participants will get the chance later to address some of those issues in a simulation.

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