Public Market eyes big white barn

Messages on Facebook show much local support to save barn from demolition.

(Ossie Bladine / News-Editor)  A campaign to save the Big White Barn at the corner of Riverside Dr. and Lafayette Ave. launched yesterday on Facebook, along with a push to make it the new home of the McMinnville Public Market.

"As of 4/11/2013, the big white barn on the corner of Riverside Drive and Lafayette Ave. is slated for demolition," the page states. "Its one of the few big barns left within the City."

The barn and property was on the market for $149,000. A post on the Save the Big White Barn page says the new owner plans to demolish the barn and rebuild on the property. 

"He's invested money in buying the building and having plans designed, so quick action which respects his financial investment will be needed," the post says . "We can do this. The barn which presently houses McMinnville Public Market in Granary District was also slated for demolition but the creative minds of many including those at Cellar Ridge construction saved its demise and we can save this one too!"

Although I can no longer find it, I read a post last night that the Public Market met with Jodi Christiansen of the McMinnville Economic Developement Partnership for advice on facilitating such an effort.

Updates on the effort will be printed in Tuesday's News-Register.


troy prouty

I still like the market at its current location.


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