The original 'silent' days of 1260 AM radio

Local sets up online radio station with KYLC-inspired programming

This clip is from a larger documentary film shot around McMinnville c. 1952. This segment features the local radio station KMCM 1260 AM.

(Ossie Bladine/News-Editor)   This morning, Vern Isbell submitted the following to the Open Source blog:

KLYC is still silent, I set up an internet radio station playing a lot of what KLYC played! It's commercial free. Anyone can listen.

I have no budget. I sent email to Brian Ericksen and left voicemail to Stella if I could get some KlYC imaging mp3's to use.
Otherwise it's just me streaming a couple thousand oldies!

This afternoon Managing Editor Steve Bagwell forwarded me a YouTube video, uploaded on DraggingTheGut's page, that is a silent video showing the original days of 1260 AM radio. 

As reported in the News-Register last month (blog version here), the station has broadcast since 1949, when it was founded by brothers Jack and Phil Bladine (grandpa to me), co-owners of the Telephone-Register, originally under the call letter KMCM.

The closure of KLYC was a sad announcement for many people - and not just locals. The day it was publicly announced, I received a call from a Portland gentleman who had just heard the news. "That's what all my car club buddies and I listen to when we get together," he said. "Portland radio is all the same ... we're sad to see it go."

There's obviously a large population who still digs the Golden Oldie classics that KLYC programmed. Thanks to Vern for setting radio station so we can at least listen at our desks while we work.



I was sorry to learn of KLYC's demise also. I worked there briefly in 1969/70 and in more recent years, enjoyed tuning in on my Saturday and/or Sunday grocery shopping runs - love those old tunes (giving away my age, of course). I was waiting for someone to rescue the station, but I guess with all the upgrading that has to be done, it was too expensive. I wonder if someone (in the know) could start a fundraiser or perhaps sell 'shares' of the station to re-establish KLYC. Of course I have no idea what would be involved - and nothing about the financial aspect of it. Do we have any 'like minds' out there in radio land?

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Good year to be in radio.

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