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McMinnville teen arraigned on rape, sex abuse, sodomy charges

Christopher Davidson
Christopher Davidson

UPDATED / Wednesday, March 6:

McMinnville police arrested a local teen on rape, sex abuse and sodomy charges Monday afternoon in connection with an incident that allegedly occured in February in the Lower City Park.

Christopher Aaron Davidson, 19, of 1340 NE Logan St., was arraigned Tuesday in Yamhill County Circuit Court on three counts each of second-degree rape and second-degree sodomy, in addition to one count of first-degree sexual abuse. All are Class B felonies and Measure 11 offenses, punishable on conviction by a length prison sentence under mandatory minimum guidelines.

Judge Cal Tichenor set his bail at $100,000, down from the original $350,000. He must post 10 percent to secure his release. A preliminary hearing will be held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, at which time court-appointed attorney Michael Finch of McMinnville will address the issue of release. Tichenor is scheduled to preside over that hearing.

Police said Davidson's alleged victim was a female acquaintance younger than 14.

Anyone with information regarding the case is asked to contact Det. Michelle Formway at 503-434-2340


Michael Tubbs Sr

The deviants bail has already been reduced to $350,000, and to think it's not even 1:20 p.m. yet.


And just the other day, you were saying:

"If a man is straight, he is not a deviant, therefore he doesn't molest anyone, and most certainly not children. So, from my perspective the fifty times more number is in all probability, too low. You're either a sexual deviant ..or.. you're not. Are homosexuals sexual deviants? Most certainly."

Every few days, it seems, we get a new story about an adult male molesting teen or pre-teen girls. It's hard to imagine the perps coming from anything other than the straight side of the gay-straight spectrum to me.

Stories about molestation of teen or pre-teen boys are a heck of a lot rarer, I can tell you that. Sex crime victims are overwhelmingly female.

In any event, I think you can rest easy on the bail. He isn't going to plunk down 35 grand.


Michael Tubbs Sr

A straight person (man or woman) doesn't rape/ molest people, sexual deviants do. A straight man or woman, boy or girl, would never entertain the thought of engaging in such an act. It's my opinion that when a person does or has, then that person was never straight to begin with.

You said "It's hard to imagine the perps coming from anything other than the straight side of the gay-straight spectrum to me."

And I wouldn't know what would cause you to imagine that, Steve.


You made your original comment in the gay-straight context, "straight" being defined as "heterosexual" in common parlance. You branded all homosexuals as deviants, straight out. You put the onus on them for the scourge of child molestation.
If you consider every non-offender straight and every offender deviant, fine. But a crude after-the-fact classification like that is neither very useful nor very insightful.
Plus, you appear to be automatically adding every gay person on the planet to your deviant category, even though the overwhelming majority of them have never been charged with a sexual offense under the law and never will be. Truth be known, heterosexuals account for the bulk of American sex crimes, and "straight" is a well-known, well-used term for those of us of heterosexual persuasion.
I think you are tarring one segment of the population with an exceedingly broad brush, and it isn't even the segment responsible for most of the problem.

Michael Tubbs Sr

Steve, as to the original comment that you speak of here, on this comment thread, had you yourself made or expressed your thoughts on this subject in reguard to my own perspective. If not, why not?

As for the accused sodomite in question, Mr Davidson, he clearly falls....

(I was going to use the word stands, but doing so would surely be an inappropriate use of the word)

....into a shade of the specrum some place outside of straight. He is in the same caste as (albeit with empty pockets) as Roman Polanski, and we all know well what the people that fly the rainbow flag down in Hollywood think of him.

And if the Rainbow Flag doesn't represent sexual deviancy, I wouldn't know what in the hell does ... so, we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one Chief.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I've tried to find that original thread to see if you had made a comment there, but have not so far been able to find it. Did it go... 'poof'...or..what?


OK boys, play nice now......

troy prouty

I would rather focus on the behavior then the title myself. Title doesn't do anything, behavior does.



Michael Tubbs Sr



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