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Boquist's satirical bill targets knife sales

SALEM — A Republican lawmaker is trying to draw attention to what he sees as the absurdity of gun-control legislation, so he's proposing background checks on knife sales in Oregon

Sen. Brian Boquist of Dallas doesn't intend for his bill to pass. He says he wants to “broaden the discussion on school violence and mass attacks.” He says “it's not simply a firearms issue.”

The Oregonian reports that the bill is modeled after legislation requiring background checks on gun sales.

Key Democratic lawmakers have said they won't push for limits on military-style, semi-automatic weapons or large-capacity magazines, but they're looking to expand background checks to cover all gun sales and transfers in Oregon.

They also want to ban guns in schools and the state Capitol.


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Who needs "military-style, semi-automatic weapons or large-capacity magazines" in their home? Why not keep them available for 'fun' on gun ranges where they can be checked out and then left on the premises?

Michael Tubbs Sr

I agree, Ebbie, but, the problem is not just a firearm issue. It's the mentality behind the firearm that is the problem. The problem is that a person armed with nothing more than a toy 'squirt gun' loaded with a mixture of DMSO & Venom can visit as much death, same as a person using a semi-automatic powder-actuated weapon.

Just a thought.

Michael Tubbs Sr

I'd recently read that Hollywood will be granted exemptions to new firearm acts in New York. Hollywood will be allowed to use real high-capacity weaponry in their film productions, were as you, will not.

That being said, any tour-bus load of gangbangers wishing to terrorize your neighborhood with AK-47's and what not, or some such, will probably feel much safer knowing that you will not be defending your turf with a level of overwhelming return of firepower.

Whatever keeps the tourists happy, eh?

Don Dix

Boquist is wasting time and money to make an irrelevant point. Be 'satirical' on your own dime, not ours!

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