Oregonian's political “Agenda 2013” begins with Issue No. 1

Fix public retirement system first, then focus on myriad challenges the state must overcome

(Jeb Bladine, Publisher)  Kudos to The Oregonian newspaper for its strong editorial series promoting “Agenda 2013” for the Oregon Legislature. The commentary about Oregon's most important political issues urged:

Fix PERS. Address Oregon's tax structure. Grow jobs and income. Improve educational funding and function. Protect and expand personal freedom. Build the bridge.

The News-Register took up Issue No. 1 with last week's editorial, “State agenda must begin with lasting PERS reform,” also displayed here on this website.:

Regular readers know that we've played versions of that record so often in recent decades that the grooves are nearly worn out. But this is the first time we've seen serious statewide commitment to making long overdue changes – maybe cause Oregonians finally are experiencing and understanding the loss of public services long-promised by the incredible excesses of the Public Employees Retirement System.

As our editorial concluded: “Public employee retirement payments must be fair and sustainable, and changes to the system must withstand legal challenge. The best minds we have are working to ensure that PERS reforms meet those tests, but in politics, good minds can be trumped by bad votes. Don’t let it happen this time.”

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